Website Audit and Analysis

A successful online strategy is based on an audit and analysis of your website.

Website Audit

Free Website Audit and Analysis

A complete analysis and audit of your website is an important first step in determining what actions to take to improve your online presence. It also determines your current ranking position versus your main competitors.

If your business already has a website we will first run an audit to identify any potential problems that would keep your site from advancing in the search engine results. These include on-page issues, content related problems, site architecture, page-speed issues, and link structure. This allows Blue Lacy SEO to make recommendations based on your business needs and objectives and to provide achievable goals that can be measured.

Free Website Audit

We work closely with our clients to understand the goals and objectives for their website. We use a variety of tools and resources to obtain an accurate analysis of your business website. We then produce a comprehensive report outlining our findings, which includes our recommendations to improve your online presence against your competitors. This no commitment analysis and audit is absolutely FREE.

Ongoing performance strategy

The information presented in our reports gives you a complete picture of the on-going performance progress, which allows us to adjust certain parameters so you can reach your goals.

Optimizing performance

We understand that business stakeholders need to move the company in the right direction and that digital marketing is one of the essential ingredients in a successful company. At Blue Lacy SEO we are motivated and engaged to deliver results.

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Website Analysis