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When it comes to building a website for your business, don’t make the mistake of cutting corners to save money because you will pay for your mistake in the long run. You should know that our society is now fully immersed in the digital world. Even if you have a brick and motor business, you still need to stand out in the digital world. You may already have a business Facebook and Twitter account, but that’s not enough.

You finally decide that you need a website for your business. Creating a user-friendly website design for your company makes it possible to compete with your competitors. Many business owners don’t realize the process involved in designing and building a great website that resonates with visitors.

There are DIY website builders that offer a platform for people to build their own site, however it doesn’t offer the full range of services like professional Horizon City web designers would offer. Professional web design companies use a different platform, such as WordPress, to create graphic designs, do search engine optimization, and content marketing.

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Web Designer

  1. Using a professional web design company guarantees higher quality work. Sure, you could choose a nice template with one of the DIY website builders, but experienced web designers will know how to incorporate the needed elements to make an impression on your target audience. Even the placement of images on your site will be carefully thought out to reflect your business in a positive way.
  2.  Professional web designers know the best practices for user engagement and they know what Google likes to see on a web page. For instance, beginners and amateurs may not be aware of the design and placement of call-to-action buttons and social media icons on a page. These crucial design features will increase your visitor’s engagement and can turn them into customers. Also, Google has certain guidelines on the size and placement of buttons, text size, and the hierarchy of heading tags. These are just a few of the design elements that can influence your visitors and ranking in the search engines.
  3. Professional website designers keep abreast of the current trends in website design and application. They can help you choose the correct colors for your brand and the color pallet for color consistency throughout your site. They will also know what font style and size to use based on the theme of your website. There are also many different design elements you can incorporate in your website, such as motion effects, silders, image carousels, flip boxes, and animated text, to name a few. Professionals will know when and where to use such effects and if they will enhance or be detrimental to your design.
  4. With more people now using their cell phones and tablets to search the web instead of desktop or laptop computers, it is imperative to have your website mobile ready. This is called responsive design and most web templates are responsive to mobile devices. But, that doesn’t mean all the styles, images, buttons, and icons that are added will look good on mobile devices. A professional web designer will be able to test and adjust these elements so they will render correctly on mobile devices.

5. Website load time is critical to the success of your business website. In fact, load times play a major factor in driving online traffic to your website and it is also a ranking factor for Google. With a DIY website company, you may not be able to improve your load time without knowing what to do. There are many factors that influence the load time of a website. These include the hosting company, the theme you are using, the size and number of images, and the way java script and CSS is handled. Only professional web designers and web developers know the methods used to improve your site’s speed.

6. With a professional web designer you get added value knowing the job will completed in a timely matter and will work as intended. Many times professionals use expensive paid templates, plugins, research tools, and content writers to complete your website. These costs can be spread out over many clients. But, the costs may be prohibitive if you create a single website for yourself.

7. After your website is complete having your design agency handle support for your site is essential. This is because even a well designed website can eventually have technical issues. For a small monthly payment, a professional can handle WordPress core updates plus theme and plugin updates. Most will incorporate scheduled backups of your site in case anything drastic occurs and your website is down. Without a maintenance plan in place, you would have to hire someone to fix your site. This could cost you anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour.

If you need a website, let a trusted local company in Horizon City, Texas handle the job for you. Find the best web designer near Horizon City TX

How to Select the Best Website Designer for your Business

Selecting the right Horizon City TX website designer for your business is crucial to your success. It’s important to find a website designer that you feel confident and comfortable with and will listen to your feedback and ask for guidance when needed.

There are many factors that go into selecting the right designer for your business, but the most important are:

  1. What type of website do you need? Your website could be anything from a static brochure-style site (i.e. one page design), an ecommerce store (where customers can buy products through online transactions), a company site (with information about your organization), or a service-based business (customers come to your store or you come to them).
  2. What is your budget for designing and building your website? If your budget is low, you may want to consider waiting until you have the funds to properly create a website that reflects your company’s goals. Websites are the first thing potential customers see and it makes a huge difference to make a good impression.
  3. Will I own the website when the designer is finished? At Blue Lacy SEO the website we build for you is yours. Some web design agencies will actually hold it hostage and not release it to you if you decide not to continue with your monthly payments for maintenance and updates. It is also important that you own your domain name. That way you can host it anywhere you want.

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Build your authority and brand while increasing your ranking potential with our press release service.

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We increase your brand prominence and ranking by creating social media accounts for you and branding them with your business profiles.

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Citations are an integral part of any local search strategy. They enable a powerful link back to your site and helps build authority.

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A complete analysis and audit of your website is an important first step in determining what actions to take to improve your online presence.

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