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Regardless of whether you are searching for a Las Cruces website designer, marketing agency, or neighborhood Las Cruces web design company, we have you covered. Blue Lacy SEO has considerable experience in web design and search engine optimization (SEO) services.

We use WordPress, the best content management service (CMS), to create our client websites. Our talented staff has the experience getting top search engine rankings for our customers. If you are searching for the best Las Cruces website agency and marketing company to get your business on the first page of search engines, such as Google or Bing, look no further. Contact Blue Lacy SEO for a free website audit today that will highlight the good and bad points of your website. We have helped many companies in Las Cruces accomplish their online objectives through the use of SEO and optimized web design.

If you want to know more about how SEO and web design works, see our blog page and Blue Lacy SEO YouTube channel. Start getting serious with your online marketing by contacting Blue Lacy SEO.

Why Good Web Design is Important for Your Business

Did you know that 88% of people looking to buy a product or service first do a search online?

This is why your business website needs to look professional and contains top-notch content. Furthermore, purchasers invest more time on a nice-looking website with engaging content. Here are 10 different ways good website design impacts your business.

1. First Impressions Count

Potential clients get their initial introduction of your organization by looking at your site. They structure an assessment of your business very quickly. So, you should zero in on leaving an enduring, constructive outcome to your visitors by guaranteeing your site is engaging, easy to understand, very responsive, and has a quick loading time.

A website that looks ugly or antiquated sets a negative initial reaction of your business image. It averts possible clients and drives them to your competition’s page. However, excellent web design will hold your audience’s interest, keeps them on your page, and will improve lead generation and conversions.

2. Instill Trust in Your Brand

As referenced above, the design of your website decides how the vast majority judge the probity of your business. Stylish and modern web design will in general advance trust. Obsolete and amateurish website architectures will make potential clients question your believability. The consistency of your brand is another outstanding way that outstanding website design supports trust. Potential buyers perceive effective brands simply by seeing how you use logos, colors, or styles. It’s essential to assure that the elements on your website distinguishes your brand as unique.

Brand consistency is very important. Make sure the framework, colors, and text styles are consistent throughout each page on your site. If your design and colors deviate from your set style on other pages, your site will seem undesirable and amateurish. Make it easy for visitors to recognize your brand by showing a consistent and professional website design.

3. Strengthens Usability

An outstanding design permits guests to easily navigate your site. As indicated by a 2015 web convenience report, 86 percent of site guests are searching for data about your items or services, 65 percent look for contact subtleties, and 52 percent search for your business About page. Great website design makes these things incredibly simple to discover. Poor website design will leave your guests with an awful experience and will invest less energy on your site.

Your site may function admirably, yet a terrible design may cause guests to feel that it’s hard to utilize or find what they need. Potential clients are probably going to appreciate utilizing a stylishly satisfying webpage instead of a dull website, regardless of whether the two sites are indistinguishable with regards to working.

Because of the intricacies of website architecture, consider joining forces with experts in web design and architecture. Simultaneously, employ a respectable web design agency for interpreting your company’s vision, to help you offer smart and engaging content that resounds with your local clients, in any language.

4. Facilitates Navigation

A great design makes your site simple to explore. Numerous experts usually apply Hick’s Law with regards to website design. This law essentially expresses the time taken to settle on a choice is relative to the quantity of decisions accessible. If you’re furnished with numerous decisions, you’ll take more time to settle on a choice, and the other way around.

Make your site simple to explore by diminishing the quantity of choices to five or less. Investigate the items on your website’s menu and pare down your choices to a minimum. That way, guests will discover your site simple to explore and simple to utilize.

5. Cultivates Your SEO Strategy

Different website design elements and strategies can affect your visitor’s and search engine’s ability to understand what you do. That aside, some website architecture designs can hurt your SEO. To upgrade your page, utilize SEO practices that work and yield results. What you think or perceive is the correct SEO strategy may in fact be detrimental to your website. It’s essential that you employ a professional SEO organization that knows what drives organic traffic to your website and improves your online presence.

6. Improves Website Loading Speed

A well-planned site will load rapidly on all devices, including tablets, cell phones, laptop, and desktop computers. A page loads very quickly because of the choices made by the web designer in regard to visual media, website theme, hosting company, and other technical optimizations. A guest is bound to remain longer on sites that load quicker, especially on mobile devices. Truth be told, one report found that 53 percent of mobile clients will leave a site if pages are too slow to load (over three seconds). A similar report uncovered that fast-loading sites keeps guests on the website longer and results in an uptick in conversion rates.

7. Decreases Bounce Rates

Bounce rate alludes to the number of visitors who visit a particular site and leave it without traveling to any other pages. A well-planned webpage with engaging content will give visitors a reason to remain on your page longer and seek more information on other interior pages. This will definitely bring down your bounce rate. By investing more energy in your webpages, your visitors will turn into customers.

8. Improves Conversion

Good web architecture gives you control over your crowd’s eyes and permits you to guide them to where precisely you need them to click. Utilizing this ability, you can direct people to special offers, signing up for your newsletter, and other invitations to take action. You can likewise assist both new and current clients with finding new products, services, and other interactive aspects effortlessly. That way, you’ll upgrade the client experience for your guests and acknowledge higher conversion rates.

While cost is an important consideration in designing a new website, re-designing an old design, or one that is not converting, one has to consider your return on investment (ROI). How many new clients will you gain with a better design and higher rankings?

9. Gives You an Edge Over Your Competitors

If you need to beat your rivals and draw in more clients (and who doesn’t) you should make your website a stand out better than theirs. Distinguish things that will separate your business from the rest of your competition. The objective here is to show potential clients why your items or services are superior to those of your rivals.

10. Improve Customer Service and Satisfaction

Your website visitors can get an insight into how you treat your clients simply by checking your site. Visitors will check your reviews on your website and on your social media before making a purchase. Make sure you are doing the simple things right. This includes answering the phone quickly and in a professional manner, responding to emails, and getting ahead of unsatisfied customers. You may tell people that customer satisfaction is your number one priority but show people you actually do it. In particular, a guarantee for your products or service goes a long way in instilling customer confidence. Finally, if you have any reputation badges from respected organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau, display them on your website.


The design of your website can make a difference between your business’ prosperity or disappointment. Web design impacts how your audience makes a decision about your business or brand. So, choose a respected web design and SEO company carefully.

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We are proud to provide superior customer service and high quality website designs for our clients. 

We can't say enough how great the experience of working with Blue Lacy SEO and the team was. They took us from a homemade website to a truly professional and star quality website. They listened and made suggestions and the whole thing came together to make an awesome site! We have definitely seen an increase in business. Thank you, Guys! Great job!
- Megan Fender
Couldn't have asked for a better experience dealing with Blue Lacy. From the very beginning of the project, they were responsive, professional, knowledgeable, and overall great to work with. Are very transparent and accountable, in an industry where these traits are difficult to find. Highly recommend this company. Will be using them for my future web design needs.
- Jessica Wasson
I am very happy with the website Ron and his team created for me. He listened to my thoughts and ideas and managed to create something beyond my expectations. He gave our company a whole new facelift. I take my hat off to you!
- Steve Parmer

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